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All friendly philosophies are welcome at our informal Creative Philosophers Club™. Most of us have lived in more than one country. We are tied with Mensa, however there are no Mensa membership fees or tests of intelligence or creativity you need to take. People enjoy their individual sense of “God” or higher consciousness. Most may be unmarried though they maybe in a committed relationship. Our age ranges from the 20’s through 60’s and even 80’s. The median might be 40’s and 50’s. Our small group includes people who may be one or more of the following: writers, inventors, artists, psychologists, academics, entrepreneurs and those enjoying early creative retirement. Members might have flexible creative occupations enabling them to travel and even telecommute. We are for you if you have access to free Skype group video chats, and enjoy discussing creativity and consciousness with like minded creative thinkers.

Ways To Join Us:

  • Free Skype Chats: Enjoy international group chats via Skype. Conversations are primarily in English with occasional Spanish, Portuguese or Japanese for those needing a littler interpreting. Flexible meeting times can be set with people’s time zone preferences in mind.
  • California: Join us physically in Fairfield or Coachella Valley, California. Plus meetings might happen at an innovative restaurant in Napa’s Oxbo Public Market (25 min from Fairfield), San Francisco (50 min from Fairfield) and Silicon Valley (75 min from Fairfield).
  • Europe Latin America Japan Hawaii: We plan to revisit Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende, Hawaii and Japan – all where the main organizer lived for years. We also plan to revisit southern Spain, London, Munich and Paris. We will also visit Costa Rica’s Pacific coast and Brazil’s Florianopolis where at least one of us has been so far.

Call +1 707 427-6443 or +1 760 832-6639

There is voice mail here in California so please call anytime regardless of time zone differences. No worries, the phones are not by anyone’s bed. Standard time in California happens to be GMT+8 (nine hours behind Spain). We can easily call your phone internationally via Skype.

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